Localization TestingΒΆ

We are using a fake translation script that is mentioned on Ned Batchelder’s blog called poxx.py. The specific version we are using was lifted from Fjord.

What it does it is makes a translation for locale xx that turns all the strings into looking like something the Swedish Chef would say. There are some basic requirements for using it. You’ll need to install polib like so:

pip install polib

As well as gettext for OSX:

brew install gettext
brew link gettext

Or Ubuntu:

apt-get install gettext gettext-tools

Once you have the requirements you can run the script with the command:


You’ll need to tweak your webpay/settings/local.py with the setting:


Then you should be able to ./manage.py runserver like normal and see everything translated. It should be very notable if the string is not translated. After updating your code/templates with your new translations you just simply run locale_test.sh again and it will regenerate the xx locale for you!